Donnerstag, 19. November 2009

The wedding colletor earn money by promoting your services

Hello friends,
I just want to update this blog. I had have 74250 visits and 206 clicks on my google adsense ads. That are in cash 63,68 €. I made 6 Refs for my programms last 7 days.
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Samstag, 7. Februar 2009

Just new progrtamm added

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Mittwoch, 14. Januar 2009

I will help you to turn pennys into hard dollars!

I will show you how to turn pennys into hard dollars

Just by using ptp in a simple way.

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We all are living from the money we earn. I found a programm that pays for advertising and you'll get free :

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Dienstag, 6. Januar 2009

Thanks for your support in 2008!

The best wishes for 2009!

Thank you all for reading, joining, and clicking not only my ads! Our targets for 2009 are more visits, more refs and even more money.

Some changes are new in 2009. I am leader of the marketing for NRW-Haber a magazine for imigrants from turk, sure İ do not understand the language, but its my job to sell ads to german companies. If you are interested in news follow the following link : ahaber

Now, please read my blog and join where ever you want!

Mittwoch, 19. November 2008

New Payment recived!

Here a proof of payment

Alle Aktivitäten - Erweiterte Ansicht von 1. Nov 2008 an 19. Nov 2008
 Datum  Typ  An/Von  Name/E-Mail  Status  Details  Aktion Brutto  Gebühr  Nettobetrag Guthaben 
 19. Nov 2008  Zahlung  Von  Peter Wolfing  Abgeschlossen Details   $15,00 USD  -$0,89 USD  $14,11 USD  $38,12 USD 
 18. Nov 2008  Zahlung  Von  Ronny Voigt  Abgeschlossen Details   €10,15 EUR  -€0,54 EUR  €9,61 EUR  €9,61 EUR 
 4. Nov 2008  Zahlung  Von  Abgeschlossen Details   $1,09 USD  $0,00 USD  $1,09 USD  $24,01 USD 

You see there is again a payment from Peter Wolfing, the owner of free leads, please, scroll the blog and join my team thanky you!

Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2008

Advertise for free and earn 10 $ - Get more trafic

Dear fellow Marketer,

it`s just an other day every body is talking about banking crises. But well, if we lost our business, nobody will give as money. But as you know, every crises brings new chances. Here is your personal chance to start advertising for free and make an instand cash valued 10 $

Well, I am new in making money online, so I hope you apologise my simple design and even my english. 

I hope you will promote your business, blog or what ever you want. Because the secret is traffic, traffic traffic and as more traffic you generate as more clicks you will recive. As more clicks you will recive as more leads, sells, or refs will owned my you. 

You see its easy, watch up for my free seo tools, and the rest of stuff in this blog. Many success.

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